Art has always been an expressed part of my life.  My childhood memories are of painting classes and drawing excursions out in the field. Art school and working in the dark room combined with a need to be in nature has provided a rich source of creative satisfaction.  


Trained as a school psychologist, I have been able to use art to help my clients access their creative potential to heal, to creatively communicate their view of the world, and to help them be able to see the world in a different way. There is great healing available through art and nature.  Retiring early from practicing as a psychologist, I am able to devote my time to photographing, traveling, painting, and writing.  


My works, both photography and paintings, have been published in calendars, magazines, books, cards, won awards, and have been shown in galleries in Chicago, Seattle, Pennsylvania, Japan, Jackson Hole, and Salt Lake City. I teach photo workshops primarily in the west and as well as teach private art classes online. Delimont, Herbig & Associates represent my photographic work.